Just like luxury and eco-tourism aren’t obvious bedfellows — style and sustainability aren’t often seen in a chic restaurant having dinner together. HipExplore doesn’t want you to compromise on comfort; still seek out high-threadcount sheets, hi-tech audio visuals, and high-art interiors, sure, but have these questions in mind, too…

How energy-efficient is the hotel? Do they conserve energy or limit consumption?
What water-saving strategies are in place? Does the hotel have low-flow showers or low-consumption toilets
Do they recycle grey water?
Will they let you reuse towels and sheets to save laundering?
Do they hire locally? Are the environmental practices talked about and understood by staff? (Ensuring that their team is invested in programmes will improve its success.)
Do they recycle? Do they compost? How efficient is their waste disposal?
Are ingredients sourced locally? Do they celebrate local cuisine?
Is bedlinen made from organic cotton? (Or at least 100% cotton, since cotton blends rely on petrochemicals.)
Are their gardens planted with native flora?
Do they support local charities and initiatives?
Do they champion the indigenous culture, heritage and traditions?

Please have above mentioned in mind when exploring the six continents and together we’ll make a difference. Check out One of our eco Friendly swedish getaway destination TreeHotel

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